We Prioritize the Environment Every Day, Here’s How!

Braven Auto & Metals is filled with creativity. From our rows of used vehicles available to pull parts from and our on-site used wheels and tire shop to our best-in-class crushing and bailing machinery and incredible staff. What sets Braven apart from a stereotypical metal recycling yard is what we do day in and day out to protect our Earth from the impact of hazardous automotive waste. We go above and beyond to make sure every vehicle part possible is reused and recycled in creative and intentional ways. From the metal parts of the vehicles to the tires, gas and oil – we find it all a new life!

Unlike other materials that take up space in our landfills, metal can be recycled repeatedly. Its life span starts with a consumer using a product made from metal and ends with another consumer using a new product made from the same metal. In between these phases, facilities like Braven step in to keep the phases connected.

“Most people hear ‘junkyard’ and think everything is going to be rusted, bent or completely broken. That’s not the case, you’d be surprised what you can find here.’ Not just parts either, we have great tires, stereos and more.” said Braven employee, Nick Jacober.

At Braven, we pay our customers for the metal they bring in. The first thing we do in the recycling process is separate the metals into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Once they’re separated, they are further processed and eventually repurposed into new metal goods such as appliances and building materials.

Our recycling efforts do not stop there. When customers bring their used vehicles to our yard, we thoroughly inspect it and creatively think of ways to reuse all the parts. We repurpose used tires that still have plenty of life in them by selling them in our used wheels and tire shop on site. Tires are a huge environmental risk because they trap methane emissions, take up extra space in the landfills and create a fire risk. Purchasing from our shop saves customers 40 to 70% off retail prices even if their condition is as good as new!

We also recycle the used vehicle’s gas and oil – yes, it’s possible! First, we drain the gas out of the vehicle where it gets a visual inspection. From there, it is put through an extensive filtration and treatment system and into our large holding tank where our tow trucks refue. Annually, we reuse about 150,000 gallons of gas (the size of a Steel Core Corrugated Bolted Steel Tank). Next, we retrieve and filter the oil. We repurpose that oil to heat our shops when the temperatures drop in the wintertime. Annually, we reuse roughly 9,200 gallons (about the volume of a large U-Haul truck) of oil to keep our employees warm.

Every day, we keep waste out of landfills by reusing, re-purposing and re-selling scrap metal and vehicle all while taking precautions to make sure our yard does not hinder the environment around us.

Stop by: 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. every day but Sundays.