Lending Our Yard for a Student Movie

Serving as a resource to our community is at the core of what we do at Braven Auto & Metals. From full-scale recycling to field trips to fire department training, we love opportunities to use (and re-use) our facility in creative ways and to give back to the local community whenever we have the opportunity.  

When teachers and students at Archbishop Murphy High School’s arts department approached us about shooting their upcoming movie “Varsity Squad” on our property, we realized just how creative these partnerships might be. Over three days, students from the art department partially shot their upcoming film at Braven. Students used one of the vehicles from our parts yard to shoot the main character in the film driving and used it as a prop for a stunt they performed. 

Archbishop Murphy High School’s fine arts department has been entertaining audiences with original plays and musicals for more than 25 years. During the COVID pandemic, educators and students innovated to keep their productions rolling cooperating with social-distancing and other safety measures. Unable to see each other in person, students began creating their own feature films. Their first film, “Love at First Zoom,” premiered in 2021 and their second, “Bridgehurst Asylum for the Sane,” in 2022.  

“Since the onset of COVID, our traditional plays have transitioned into full length feature films, which has opened up a whole new creative medium for us to explore,” said a student at Archbishop Murphy, “We are grateful that Braven let our department use their space and vehicle for our upcoming film, and look forward to screening the piece for our community soon.” 

At Braven, we aim to use our property, staff and resources to shine light on the positive aspects of our local community. Giving Archbishop High School a space where young adults can express themselves through film and cinematography is a first at Braven, and we hope it’s not the last! 

“Varsity Squad” premiered on February 3rd at the PUD Auditirium in Everett. Learn more about the background of the film, cast and crew, in this Lynnwood Times article, “Archbishop Murphy newest film ‘Varsity Squad’ premiers this Friday.”