About Us

Located in Lake Stevens, Braven Auto & Metals is the Northwest’s one-stop scrapyard and the go-to destination for weekend DIY’ers, professional mechanics, parts resellers, junk haulers and recycling enthusiasts – and everyone in between. We offer competitive pricing on our ever-changing selection of used auto parts and quality inspected used tires. As metal recyclers, we will also purchase your old vehicles, ferrous metals and nonferrous metals. 

Company Events

Braven Auto & Metals greatly appreciates the Lake Stevens community, and we love to give back whenever we have the opportunity.

Fire Department Training

Every year, we partner with the Snohomish County Fire District, providing them with cars, buses and an open area for field training. Traditionally, the fire department will create a car crash scenario in our yard, using junk cars that we have provided. This partnership allows the local fire departments to practice the response and rescuing of civilians after a car crash.

Railroad Days

Railroad Days is a yearly street fair organized by the Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce in downtown Granite Falls. The event is full of parades, food, live music and booths set up for local vendors and businesses.

Each year, the Granite Falls Senior Class Parent Group sets up a booth to raise money for the upcoming high school senior class. To do this, they put on a “Smash a Car” event where anyone who gives the group a monetary donation can take a turn swinging a sledge hammer at a car. Every year, we happily donate the car that they use for their booth.

Home School Tours

Throughout the year, we also love to partner with a group of local home school students and families to offer them a field trip to our scrapyard. During the field trip, we teach the children the difference in types of metal, the importance of recycling and show them how our yard operates, and we even let them push the ‘start’ button on our crusher and watch in awe as a car is destroyed.