Accepted Materials

Below is a list of items with special circumstances:

  • All major components of vehicles need paperwork (if going in drop box, paperwork and VIN must be verified by Braven Metals before being loaded)
  • Motorhomes must be completely gutted (No septic tanks, propane tanks, cabinets, etc.)
  • Refrigerators and freezers must have the compressor removed
  • Propane tanks must have valve removed or a hole drilled into them
  • All barrels must have holes large enough to see into them
  • Wood stoves must have bricks removed 
  • Light fixtures must have ballast removed
  • Pieces of railroad are not accepted without permission of the railroad company
  • Any county property is not accepted without permission of the county (guardrails, sewage covers, etc.)
  • Steel cable must be cut into sections under 4ft  
  • Paint cans must be washed out, dry paint will not be accepted
  • NO loose tires

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Below is a list of the major component parts for vehicles that will require paperwork. Any material that does not meet the rules of our accepted materials guidelines will be refused and/or sent back. Continued violation of these rules will result in termination of future business.

Major Component Parts RCW 46.80.010 (4) and / or WAC 308-63-070 (7) Major component part includes at least each of the following vehicle parts (also see definition of “core”):

  • Engines and short blocks 
  • Frame, any amount of frame requires signed title documentation.  
  • Transmission and / or transfer case 
  • Cab and / or deck lid
  • Door 
  • Front or rear differential 
  • Front or rear clip 
  • Quarter panel 
  • Truck bed or box 
  • Bucket seat 
  • Hood 
  • Bumper 
  • Fender 
  • Airbag 
  • Catalytic converter